• Why did you call the brand ‘Freaks of Nature’?

    When a friend of ours tasted one of our first puds, she couldn’t believe it was all natural and didn’t have any gluten, dairy, eggs or soya in it. “It’s a freak of nature,” she cried. And we thought, “Ooh, we’ll have that!”.

  • How do you make your desserts?

    Bit of a cheeky question, but we like cheekiness, so we’ll try to explain. Basically, we have a very crafty way to blend our ingredients which make them insanely smooth and creamy. It took us a long time to perfect it, but it was a fun journey. The recipes that we ended up with are version 40 or so. There was a lot of tasting.

  • Who has approved your desserts?

    We’re happy to say that everything we make has been approved by the Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, Coeliac UK and Kosher Certified. Our puds are made from plants and nothing else. And they’re totally free from gluten, dairy, eggs and soya.

  • Where can I buy Freaks of Nature?

    Right now you’ll find them in Tesco, Planet Organic, Waitrose and Ocado, but lots of stockists are very excited about us and we will be with them soon. Do check back here from time to time. If you’d like to find your nearest store, feel free to use our postcode checker.  And if your closest stockist isn’t close enough, do let us know and we’ll do our best to change that. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for latest news on stockists launch dates.

  • How do you sweeten your desserts?

    For sweetness, we add things like fruit purée and coconut nectar, and we try to avoid messing around with them too much. That way we keep as many of the nutrients as possible – and of course the fibre, which helps to slow down the release of sugars.

  • Freaks News – Foodservice


    As expert makers of naturally plant-based, free-from and vegan desserts, we have expanded our offering into the foodservice market for the first time, by appointing Vegetarian Express as our distributor to caterers, hotels and restaurants.

    Our new range of dairy and gluten free melt-in-the middle hot puddings will launch with two varieties – Chocolate Fudge and Sticky Toffee. Using our innovative recipe, these hot puds are free from the top 14 allergens. The great tasting, free-from and vegan puddings solve the back of house problem of having multiple desserts to cater for diners’ different requirements by being suitable for 99% of the population.

    Vegetarian Express is the ideal choice as a food service distribution partner for Freaks of Nature. With a shared emphasis on values, their mission to fill plates with plant-based goodness, whilst delivering on taste with vibrant, exciting and delicious ingredients, perfectly aligns with our goal of liberating and celebrating free-form in an inclusive manner.

    We create our range of hot melt-in-the-middle puddings, luxurious cold-eat desserts and yoghurts at our own accredited factory. Each product is gluten, dairy, egg and soya free, produced using 100 per cent plant-based products, without artificial additives, preservatives or refined sugar, yet still deliver a great tasting product without compromise.

    At Freaks of Nature, we’re all about making delicious, indulgent puddings that everyone can enjoy. Appointing Vegetarian Express is a hugely exciting development for us as it will empower our customers to simplify their pudding offering and save complexity in the kitchen. Freaks of Nature’s puddings truly are for one and all.”

    For more information or to place an order please contact Vegetarian Express on 01923 249714.

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