The way we live our lives has a big impact on the health of the planet. Here at Freaks of Nature our footprint on the planet is something we consider in everything we do.


All our pots are recyclable! For our Hot puddings we are now using a new CPET plastic Material called ‘Evolve’, this form of plastic is recycled and recyclable without compromising on any functional properties such as oven proof and being microwavable. The new Evolve CPET is easily detectable at recycling plants across the UK. This new material represents another step in the plastic packaging journey to make food packaging truly circular. We are proud to say that all our cardboard boxes are FSC approved and fully recyclable.


Energy usage:

  • Our state of the art, modern facility uses Passive Infrared Sensors to detect motion – only keeping the lights on when required
  • Our factory needs water to cool product as part of the production process. We are currently investing in our factory to reduce the volume of water used in this process – saving 32m3 every single day!
  • We work closely with our logistics partners to ensure our product is delivered to our retail partners in ‘consolidated loads’ – reducing and removing where possible empty truck space and reducing the ‘food miles’ between our factory and your fridge!

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